Reviews of Helen Customers

Perfectly blend with my real hair!

Feels soft and full. Not as dark as I thought but still beautiful. I’m hoping it is real human hair, we will see how it looks when I use. Very full and ends are not wispy. Feels like amazing quality and at par with other ones I’ve purchased from other companies.

Jenny C

Awesome for thinner haired ladies

Matched my color so perfect you’d think I dyed it with natural hair. Blend well, lots of hair for the money spent. One clip is little wonky, and doesn’t close. Hair sheds a bit, but not any worse than my natural hair.

Doris G

This hair has a great density and very minimal shedding

I bought the blonde extensions and dyed them using lime crime unicorn hair it took really well and still soft. Blends in perfectly with my own hair . Will buy it again!


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Grace S

Highly recommend

Highly recommend if your looking for something that’s inexpensive. I’ve been a stylist for over 15 years and they’re great quality for the price. Honestly can’t beat it. Give it a shot ❤️

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Bella J

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