Product General Questions

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is the most high-class extensions made from totally natural hair, it’s exactly human hair.

We only use external hair cuticle sources in the same direction to create the most natural look. This will keep your hair healthy, glossy and velvety.

Moreover, Remy Hair can be freely dyed or styled to curls or waves using hot tools, as well as regular shampooing – Simply, because it’s Human Hair.

How to distinguish between Classic and Halo?

Firstly, they are all similar in quality made from 100% high-class Remy Hair, they can be freely dyed and styled. But the difference that makes these three types is:

Classic: We use fabric-stitched weft base to fix the hair and clips , the amount of hair roots is dense, for this type you can plan to use them for Updos or Ponytails.

‣ Halo: Similar to Classic Collection, we also use a stitched fabric to be fixed. There are 3 pieces in one set, two short wefts to clip in your hair and one long weft with a silicone loop will help you easier to wear or remove it.

What is Helen's Signature?

Helen doesn’t want you to be only loyal to your basic hair colors, but to encourage you to transform your style little in life. Always remember you’re pretty, you have the right to try more fashionable colors. You’re confident, you’re haughty that is proud of Helen Hair.

An out-of-ordinary feature from the colors represents different personalities: young and lovely like coral shade, a little rebellious like Deep Dye Flame or a stunning hair tinged with sunshine like Babylight. As long as you want, we’ll create a miracle from your own hair.

What's special about Helen Hair's hair extension quality?

All products of Helen Hair are made from 100% Remy Hair. Best of all, we offer high-quality products that have lots of long hair strands and have equal the amount of hair in each set. No tangles, no split ends and no damage.

With the lifespan of the product being up to more than two years, you can confidently dye any colors, free style to curls or waves with any hot tools, it’s still healthy yet.

Where can I buy Helen Hair?

You can buy right now on our website, free to choose and pay immediately. In addition, you can follow us and buy through:

Amazon: Helen Hair

Social Media:

Facebook: Helen Hair


How many pieces are there in each set?

With product lines, there will be different quantities of pieces:

– 1 long weft with 4 clips (8″ ~ 20,5cm)
– 1 short weft with 4 clips (7″ ~ 18cm)
– 2 wefts with 3 clips (6″ ~ 15,5cm)
– 2 wefts with 2 clips (4″ ~ 10cm)
– 4 wefts with 1 clip (1″ ~ 2.5cm)

– 1 long weft (12″ ~ 30,5cm) + silicone loop
– 2 wefts with 2 clips (4″ ~ 10,6cm)

Can I offer the length?

Absolutely Yes. We offer 2 main lengths: 16 inches (~41 cm) and 20 inches (~51cm). Also we also can be supplied in your desired length.

Can I myself wear hair extensions or need help?

With the slogan “Ready to wear”, you totally wear hair extensions yourself. Below is our video tutorial!

If Helen doesn't have my hair color, can I order you make my own set?

Nothing is impossible with Helen! Let’s send us an email about the information of your order via: or direct us via Facebook: Helen Hair.

‣ The image of your  hair color

‣The type of hair extensions (Classic, Halo)

‣ Hair length you want

Is wearing hair extensions heavy?

Absolutely NO! We ensure the weight is only 140 – 160 grams like the description of the product. The design of the hair extensions evenly distributed in each layer of your real hair will make you feel very light and natural.


Are hair extensions safe for you?

Certified International Medical Quarantine, safe for customers. Hair extensions are made from 100% Remy, Helen Hair chose high-quality materials according to high criteria. In addition, we add moisture, vitamin in products to be healthy and harmless for the scalp. Please rest assured using Helen Hair products.


Besides Clip-in, are Helen planning to sell new line?

Helen Hair is always changing. We also want to launch many new lines suitable for many people! There will be other premium products in near future. Pease register as a member of Helen Hair, we will quickly send you information whenever there’s something new.

Why is Helen’s amount of long hair so much?

As usual, a large amount of long hair will cause a high cost because the high-quality products gain level. Helen knows who our customers are? You deserve the best, so we only sell them at the most relative cost.

I have to shampoo after how many uses?

If you want to extend your hair extensions’ lifespan, Helen advises you to shampoo the product after 30 uses based on the weather, temperature and everyday activities. If in other conditions, based on how you feel the state of the product.

Remember, the best is after 30 times!

Shipping & Delivery

How long does shipping take?

We will send you a confirmation email and ship your packages in the same day if you order before XX. If you’re in the US, it’ll take 2-4 days to receive your products and 1-2 weeks for international orders.

Note: We only provide delivery service during the week from Monday to Friday. At weekends or in the holidays, your orders will be processed at the beginning of the next week. All orders are provided a tracking code that allows you to confirm shipping state.

Does Helen have international shipping?

We provide delivery service in every country, however, you are responsible to pay any taxes with your local countries. All orders are provided a tracking code via email that Helen sent to you.

Where can I get tracking updates?

After the successful confirmation order, Helen will send you an “Order Fulfilled” email including a tracking code and a link to follow the journey of your package. ( Note: It’ll take few hours to display the status, so don’t worry too much! ) If you have any problems, please contact us via:

Why am I not receiving a mail about my order?

We are sorry to have you in this situation, first try to check your spam emails. If anything happens, please contact us via:

How much does shipping cost?

The delivery cost depends on your country, rest assured that we have made adjustments to the shipping fee that best suits for you.

Note: Long-term shipping is the most cost-effective shipping package

Where is your warehouse located?

Helen has 2 warehouses located in Vietnam and USA

  • Warehouse in Vietnam: located at 21 Le Duc Tho
  • International Warehouse: 2121 7th Ave, Seattle, Washington, USA
How should I do if I enter wrong shipping address?

If you enter the shipping address incorrectly, please contact with the owner of the wrong address and take it. If your address is right, but your package is delivered to an incorrect address, please contact with the delivery service. 

How long will it take to process my order?

It takes 2-4 hours to confirm your information then we send you a confirmation email. After your order is delivered to the carrier, we’ll send you a tracking email.

Which delivery service is Helen using to ship my package?

We use USPS delivery service for the interior shipping in US and UPS, DHL service for the international orders.

Can I request for my package to be delivered bto by a certain time?

Absolutely NO! When confirming your order, we have to process your order step by step, from confirming products in the warehouse to defining the carriers and the shipping option freight you chose. We promise to provide the best service of customer supports.

Payment & Pricing

What methods of payment does Helen accept?

We offer 2 different international payment portals: Credit Card (Master, Visa) and Payal.

Why is my payment not going through?

Please make sure that all of your personal information matches the exact information associated with your credit card. Our process of the payment is totally sercure. If some information doesn’t match, please call directly your credit card company.

Helen only accepts international payment methods. If the problem persists, pleasse email us at with your set preference (color/weight/length) that you would like to order, as well as your shipping address, so that we can email you a custom invoice for your order and process it manually.

What currency are the prices on your website listed as?

All prices listed on the website are in your local currency. If you don’t see your correct currency, please check the symbol “$” and choose your local currency. Currently, the dollar is only the available currency we offered

Do I get charged any other extra fee?

Customers are responsible to pay all taxes and other extra fees (custom-house, region,…), all fees above are paid for your government derive charges.

In addition, if you’re in the US, you’ll charge taxes mandated by the local state government. Helen Hair only uses international packages DDU (duties and taxes unpaid)

How much does Helen hair extension cost?

Helen Hair extensions will vary in price depending on the weight, length and color. Please see below for a general price list:

Classic: $149 – $169

Halo: xxx

Signature: xxx

Does Helen have a discount?

Totally YES! We always follow, my dear girls to know what your wants and encourage to be more confident through each campaign launched by Helen.

You can follow our website and SNS or check your email!

Hair caring

When can I wear hair extensions? Swimming time, isn’t it?

In all normal conditions, you can wear hair extensions at all times: outside, sleep, parties,… But you should avoid wearing to go out in bad weather, strong wind and keep in mind is not wearing while swimming or taking showers because it makes your hair tangled.

Can I dye my hair extensions?

Why don’t you dye any shades when having a beautiful hair! Helen Hair extensions use only the finest quality of remy human hair so that you can freely apply any colors as long as you nourish hair care, so the EXP of hair will be over 1 year.

Take some notes for you:

‣ A fabric base of Classic and Halo set can be dyed and a thin silicone base of Seamlelss can’t.

‣ Don’t use products that contain sulfates or alcohol (these ingredients will affect their integrity)

‣ Make adjustments to the formula of hair dye

‣ Always do a test strand prior to dyeing full set for that ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

What is the best caring hair extensions?

To remain the life span of products, Helen Hair recommends you to use nourished products to keep the hair healthy and glossy. In additions, to maintain the best status of the hair, please follow these steps:

(1) After undoing the hair extensions, ensure that the clip-ins are closed

(2) Make sure the hair velvety and straight

(3) Preserved in the product box and in a cool dry place.

How do I wash my hair extensions?

We recommend washing the hair after every 30 wears or one month depending on your tangled state of the hair. Please read below for full instructions on how to properly wash your Helens:

‣  Brush your extensions carefully to avoid tangles

‣  Prepare warm water

‣  Use the shampoos with sulfate-free and alcohol-free (Sometimes, even skip the shampoo and only co-wash your hair with conditioner), message for 5-10 minutes

‣  After messaging with conditioner, wash the extensions with cold water to close the hair cuticle tissues, handle the extensions gently and rub them dry on a towel.

‣ If you want to blow-dry your extensions, be sure to use a heat protectant spray prior to blow-drying, start drying the roots before, then working your way down to the ends.

What is the best shampoo for hair extensions?

Helen encourages you to purchase products specially formulated for dry and damaged hair, as they will help keep the strands healthy and nourished. Also, look for oil products to moisture the extensions.

Be sure to check ingredients listing that damage the extensions: SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol Denat, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl và Propyl.

Can I use heat tools for my hair extensions? What temperature should I style my hair at?

We recommend setting your tool at 120C/250F, as anything higher runs the risk of damaging the hair.

Blend Hair

My extensions don’t blend with my hair. How can I blend them in?

Everyone has a different hair type and cut, not everyone customizes their set to have it match their hair perfectly. To help your extensions blend in better with your hair type, Helen will walk you through some key tips and tricks:

‣ Trim and/or layer your extensions until you’re satisfied with the result

‣ Style your extensions with a curl or wave or hide the bottom layer of your hair,…

‣ Wash your extensions that make the set look and feel thicker and hair color blended

How to apply Clip-in extensions?

Merely, you clip-in every weft into your hair until you complete. Remember to clip into the roots of your hair first to be looked more natural.

How to apply Halo extensions?

Simply, section off your hair at the crown, typing it into a bun at the top of your head, apply your Halo and be sure to choose a wire length that best fits the size of your head. Let the hair down and blend with your extensions.

How to blend with short hair?

Helen provides different length extensions: Classic and Halo with the length of 16 inches and 20 inches that let you choose relied on the hair color. Whatever have short hair or long hair, you still wear extensions. We recommend you to try Helen Halo Hair.

Exchange & Return

Can I return or exchange my order?

We’re pleased to accommodate returns and exchanges within 30 days on all sets that have problems with colors, lengths and weights. Even if you opened, worn or felt dissatisfied with our extensions.

We won’t accept a return in some cases: extensions have been worn over 2 times, extensions are trimmed or layered or dyed, we just accept your return with the original products.

How do I initiate a return or exchange?

Please mail us an image of your extensions you ordered and the attached description about your problems of the products at: to be processed promptly.

Do I have to pay for the shipping of my return or exchange?

Yes! We’re sorry to say that you’ll be responsible for all shipping costs.

Can I exchange my accessories included?

No, each accessory is included in the extensions and we also send you a biodegradable zip with spare parts.

When will I receive my refund?

A full refund will be provided to the original bank of your credit card after we have received and confirmed that the returned hair extensions are in original status, normally, it takes 5-7 days for this process of transferring money.

How do I out off my order?

You can’t put off your order after the payment and the confirmation email. All our processes are carried out quickly from the manufacturing to the shipping.

How do I contact with Helen support?

Please contact with Helen support via:

How can I change the products I ordered?

You can’t alter your shipping address after receiving a tracking code via your email. All our processes are carried out quickly from the manufacturing to the shipping.

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