1 General

What is special about the quality of Helen Hair's hair?

Helen Hair 100% Remy Human Hair high-quality for the entire product. Above all, Helen Hair products have a large and uniform number of long hairs, creating thick, smooth, high-class hair right from the first touch.

No tangles, no split ends, no damage. Applying modern anti-tangle treatment technology, fumigation and sterilization to ensure hygiene, achieving the International Medical Quarantine Certificate, absolutely safe for users.

How to classify Classic and Seamless product lines?

First, in terms of quality, they are completely similar, made of 100% high-quality real hair, freely dyeing and custom styling. But the point that makes the difference for these two types is:

  • Classic: We use a fabric to hold the hair in place and clip, this woven fabric thickens the bouncy hairline to make thin hair look bouncy.
  • Seamless: Instead of a fabric like the Classic line, we use a silicone layer to hold the hair in place, making the ultra-thin hair weave suitable even for customers with thick hair.
Where can I buy Helen Hair's hair?

You can buy right at our website, freely choose and pay immediately. In addition, you can buy directly at:

  • Flagship Store HaNoi: 82A To Hien Thanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Saigon Branch: 110 Tran Quang Khai, Tan Dinh, District 1
  • Facebook: Toc kep phim Helen Hair
  • Instagram: helenhairvn
Can I choose the right hair length?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of lengths to suit your needs:

  • 14″~ 36cm – Above Chest
  • 16″~ 41cm – Chest
  • 18″~ 46cm – Above Waist
  • 20″~ 51cm – Waist
  • 22″~ 56cm – Above Hip
  • 24″ ~ 61cm – Hip
Can I do my own hair or do I have to go to a salon?

Called "DIY Home Extensions"you can immediately use our products without having to go to the salon. With just 5 minutes anytime, anywhere, you can have a satisfactory long hair.

I can't find the color I'm looking for, can I have Helen Hair custom made for me?

There's nothing Helen Hair can't do, send us a message for advice on the right color and length:

  • Photo of the hair color you want
  • The type of product you want
  • Desired length
Does wearing hair make your head heavy?

Absolutely not, Helen Hair has studied the weight and equivalent of just the right amount of thick hair. The design of the hair bands evenly distributed in each round of the head will make you feel very natural, without weighing your head.

Is the hair safe for users?

The hair uses 100% high-quality real hair without mixing, we select the input hair based on high criteria. Helen Hair's hair is fumigated and disinfected, achieving the International Medical Quarantine Certificate, safe for users.

In addition, Helen Hair also uses high-quality moisturizers and hair vitamins, and applies anti-frizz technology into the product for strength, durability and no harm to the scalp. Feel free to use Helen Hair products with complete peace of mind.

How many times do I have to wash my hair?

Because the hair clip does not directly contact the scalp, it will limit the oil on the hair, if you want to prolong the age of the hair, Helen recommends washing the product after 10-15 times of use based on the weather conditions. weather, temperature, normal operation.

If in other conditions (rain, dirt, stickiness, smelly, ...) then based on your feelings on the product. Shampoo and condition your hair for about 15-20 minutes, then blow-dry until your hair is still damp, then apply conditioner and let it dry naturally as the best method for hair care. Remember to store in a cool place.

2 Shipping & Delivery

How long does delivery take to receive?

After the order is closed, Helen Hair will pack and process according to the customer's request within 1-2 days and then will be delivered to the carrier.

For orders within Hanoi city will be delivered on the same day, and for inter-provincial orders will be delivered after 2-3 days. Note: Applications on holidays and New Year will be counted to the nearest working day.

All orders upon customer request will be provided with a tracking code that allows you to confirm shipping status.

Where do I check my order for shipping (tracking)?

After confirming the information, processing the orders successfully, Helen Hair will send the goods to the delivery unit. If the customer requests to check the shipping process, we will provide the bill of lading code for the customer to easily check the progress. Any questions please message Helen Hair.

How much is the delivery fee?

Free shipping nationwide for Clip-in Hair Extensions, Thicken Hair Set, Topper and Ponytail. Applicable to customers who pay in advance or pay COD (Payment on delivery...

For Example:

  • Orders 7 million VND, customers transfer 4 million in advance, and the remaining 3 million COD will be free shipping
  • Orders of 7 million dong, customers transfer 1 million in advance, and the remaining 6 million COD will be free of charge, but customers will have to pay an additional COD fee of 0.5% of 6 million, which is 30,000 thousand.
  • Orders for bangs or return orders will be charged a shipping fee 20.000 - 35.000 VNĐ depend on area.
What if I accidentally sent the wrong address?

In case if Helen has not yet delivered to the carrier, you can completely change the shipping address. If Helen has been delivered to the carrier and cannot change the address, please contact the shipper to go to the nearest post office. If the order is returned to the shop, Helen will change the address and the customer must pay the shipping cost a second time.

Can I request a delivery time?

Shipping time will vary depending on the address of the customer. Normally, it will only take 1-2 days within Hanoi city and 2-4 days for applications outside the province. Shipping time depends on the delivery party, so Helen Hair does not guarantee delivery time.

When the shipper contacts for delivery that is not within the time frame you can receive, please discuss with the shipper the desired delivery time or go to the nearest post office.

3 Payment & Pricing

What methods can I pay by?

Buy directly at the store:

  • Cash.
  • Bank transfer or card swiping.
  • 0% interest installment payment via credit card.

Online shopping:

  • Bank transfer.
  • COD.
  • 0% interest installment payment via credit card.
Will I be charged any other fees with my purchase?

COD orders over 3 million: customers will pay an additional 0.5% of the total order value COD (Payment to the carrier).

Installment payment by credit card: Customers will have to pay additional card fee and installment conversion fee. The fee will be based on the total amount of installment payment and the installment period.

4 Hair Care

When can I wear my hair? Is it okay to be active like swimming?

Clip-in Helen Hair Extensions is designed to be worn daily to feel light and comfortable to wear as if it were not worn. The firm and smooth clamps help you use it in strong activities, outdoor play. Can be used when swimming without slipping, should use hairpins or elastic bands to fix it so that the hair does not get tangled when active in the water.

Can I buy my own hair dye?

Totally dyed in any color as the Clip-in Helen Hair Extensions are made from 100% unmixed real hair. You can use chemicals to dye, curl, press as you like, but you should store and care for your hair carefully to prolong its use. We have some notes for you when dyeing:

  • The silicone strip in the Seamless set cannot be dyed, the fabric in the Classic can be dyed.
  • Absolutely do not wash your hair with conditioners that contain too much acid and alcohol (which can damage the structure of the hair).
  • The dye needs to have a certain mixing ratio.
  • Try dyeing a small patch first to see if you get the color you want, then try dyeing the rest.
  • The best way is to choose a reputable salon to dye your hair.
What is the best way to preserve hair?

To preserve and maintain the shelf life of the product. Helen Hair recommends using conditioners that keep your hair soft and shiny. In addition, to store your hair so that it doesn't get tangled, follow these steps:

(1) After removing the product, make sure the clamps are closed.

(2) Let's brush their hair so straight, so smooth.

(3) Store them in the box or any cool place.

How should I wash my hair? And how long?

We recommend washing your hair after 10-15 uses or times based on your perception of how tangled and dirty your hair is. To wash the product, remember to pay attention to the following:

  • Brush your hair to avoid tangles before washing it.
  • Use a shampoo that does not contain strong acids or alcohol, then rinse and massage the conditioner into your hair for 5-10 minutes. The best way to have soft hair is to use hair oil for 15 - 30 minutes.
  • After applying the conditioner or incubating for the allotted time, wash them with cold water to close the cuticle tissues in the hair, gently squeeze them to drain and leave in a towel to dry.
  • Blow-drying the hair is not completely dry, until the hair has a certain amount of moisture, use a conditioner (if any) and then let it dry naturally.
Can I use heat tools on my hair? At what temperature is best?

For the product, it is recommended to only use heat within 200 degrees Celsius, because the high temperature will cause damage to the hair. It is recommended to use hair conditioners before applying heat to reduce damage to the hair.

5 Blend Hair

My hair doesn't blend in with Helen's? How to fix?
  • If you don't blend with Helen's hair in color, you can feel free to dye it to match.
  • If the blend is not working, it's probably because your hair is short and cut it with. Helen always advises customers to trim their hair thinly at the end to blend in most naturally, if the hair is cut with it, it will definitely be separated more clearly.
  • Watch Helen's video tutorials for the best fit and natural blend.
What type of hair should I use for thick but short hair?

As Helen advised above, first, if your hair is cut, thin the ends while keeping the length. You can absolutely use classic and seamless, classic will help make the hairline and seamless will help to wear the most natural light. For thick hair, you should clip the layers up, leaving enough hair to cover the clip on the top of the head. If the clip is low, the amount of your real hair on the top of the head will be thick and separate compared to the clip hair.

6 Exchange & Return

Can I return the item?

Receive exchange and return goods within 24 hours from receipt of goods, if the sample is not correct, or if you want to change the color, length, etc. (Returned product must be intact as it was when delivered, not bent or pressed, dyed or trimmed).

Do I have to pay shipping for returns?
  • If the product has a manufacturing defect, you do not have to pay any shipping fees.
  • If you want to change the length, please pay the shipping fee.
Is there a warranty?
  • We accept returns within 24 hours from receipt of goods, if the model is not correct, or if you want to change the color, length, etc. (Returned product must be intact as it was when delivered. pressed, dyed or trimmed).
  • With a long time of use, it is inevitable that the hairpin will break the thread. In this case, normal sutures can be easily restored. In addition, in each set of hair, Helen Hair always sends a spare replacement clip in case the clip is broken and the thread is lost.
  • Helen Hair will always support enthusiastic advice 24/7 if you have difficulties during use and care.
  • Get completely FREE hair care and beauty care (Customers please bring it directly to the store or pay for the shipping fee).