Our story

Helen is a goddess. She shines as beautifully as the sun. She is always proud of her beautiful hair. Every woman should be complimented by exquisite, charming aspect when she is herself through a stunning hair that is Helen Hair.

Going to hair salon makes you feel exhausted and wasting your time, money to have a satisfactory hair, so Helen Hair was created to provide natural hair with high quality. We believe that you deserve the best of everything.

Our products are not only based in America but also sold worldwide. Be Helen, be gorgeous!

Our Promise

We have more than 10 years of experience in wholesale and export to America & Europe under the brand name Mic Hair.

Helen Hair commit to providing the best quality, the largest amount of hair with shed-proof technology so you do not worry about any problems when styling your hair. Especially, our hair could last up to a year.

All products are free of chemicals, with the mechanism of self-decomposition from containers to products.

Our vision

Helen Hair is confident to provide the best quality products worldwide. Our mission is that every woman could become a Helen and they deserve every compliment. We are sure that when you use our products, you will ignore other company’s products.